IT Security Weekend Catch Up – September 3, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. MalwareTech’s donations mostly fraudulent
  2. Facebook discovers family secrets
  3. Attacks on US home buyers
  4. North Korea spies in Ukraine
  5. Russians accused of treason for helping US catch Russian hackers
  6. Remote update bricked Samsung TVs
  7. How a US fraudster was caught
  8. Don’t post your boarding pass online
  9. Data analysis used to fight human trafficking
  10. IT staffers stole classified data
  11. Millions USD phished with a simple email
  12. Instagram user data leak
  13. A US/Russia spy story
  14. Drug dealer story
  15. Story of a hotel hacker
  16. Female hacker interview
  17. [VIDEO] How was Dread Pirate Roberts identified

For the more technical

  1. Kronos analysis part 2
  2. [PDF] Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Q2
  3. User data leak from secure official mailbox service in Norway
  4. Nice summary of physical attacks on data security
  5. Analysis of a malware attacks and leak of stolen data
  6. AccuWeather app continues to invade user privacy
  7. BGP configuration errors partially shut down Japan’s internet
  8. Ronggolawe ransomware analysis
  9. Brazilian researcher collected .onion addresses
  10. Game of Thrones leaks used in malware attacks
  11. UAC bypasses
  12. [PDF] Indictment of Chinese malware author and some interesting parts
  13. Critical vulnerabilities in SAP POS
  14. Detecting hidden microphones with SDR
  15. Expired plugin domains used in redirect attacks
  16. Malicious attachments on LinkedIn
  17. iOS 9.3.5 physical acquisition thanks to jailbreak
  18. Personal hack via phone number takeover
  19. Another attack on cryptocurrency users
  20. Chinese exchanges gambled with customer funds
  21. How one of ICOs was hacked
  22. Websites deanonymise bitcoin users
  23. NotPetya decryption tool
  24. New exploit prices according to Zerodium
  25. Interesting malware attack analysis
  26. Fuze phones vulnerabilities
  27. About iCloud keychain
  28. Extracting iCloud keychain
  29. APT28 attack analysis
  30. How to frame yourself in thousands of attacks
  31. [VIDEO] Stuxnet attack results analysis
  32. Wikileaks attack analysis
  33. Free RAT with a backdoor
  34. PowerPoint attack analysis
  35. GitLab session hijacking
  36. Online file conversion website hacked
  37. Threat hunting in ICS
  38. New Poison Ivy sample analysis
  39. Hacking gift cards
  40. Angler Exploit Kit evading EMET
  41. Bypassing Twitter API restrictions
  42. Backdoors in Arris modems
  43. Attacking UEFI
  44. Malware attacks via USB
  45. RCE in Western Digital products
  46. Russian companies help in hacking US phones
  47. New Turla APT modules: WhiteBear by Kaspersky and Gazer by ESET
  48. Additional Turla modules described by BitDefender
  49. TrickBot looking for cryptocurrency
  50. Cardiac pacemakers recalled for updates + advisory
  51. Analysis of a huge email addresses dump + description of leak source
  52. Anonymous messenger steals contact information
  53. Analysis of a new Neutrino version
  54. Turning off Intel ME 11
  55. Evolution of Android ransomware
  56. Android WireX botnet analysis
  57. Dumping data from deep insert skimmers
  58. Exploiting robots
  59. Phishing techniques
  60. Vulnerable Jenkins in Snapchat
  61. Chrome warns about malicious plugins
  62. Multiplatform malware spreading on Facebook
  63. Hackers scanning the internet for vulnerabilities
  64. Rooting Motorola phones
  65. Cracking 320 million hashes
  66. BTC exchange attacks in South Korea
  67. Free malware analysis sandboxes

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