IT Security Weekend Catch Up – August 20, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Excellent story about Assange
  2. FBI pushes Kaspersky out of US market
  3. WikiLeaks refused to publish Russian leaks
  4. Some more information about attacks on US elections and a valuable comment
  5. Over 1000 student accounts hacked through password reset
  6. How the NYT stole the story of Russian hackers
  7. A spy operation that stopped the Nazis
  8. A great story of a hacked Instagram account
  9. Attack on Scottish Parliament
  10. Lost 25 kg to escape from prison
  11. Wrong software update bricked intelligent locks
  12. Used camera lens scam on Amazon

For the more technical

  1. How to look for vulnerabilities
  2. Malware payload encrypted with target domain name
  3. Analysis of a well obfuscated macro
  4. Attack on hardware wallet Trezor
  5. [PDF] Privacy with cryptocurrency payments
  6. HDDCryptor makes a comeback
  7. Kronos malware analysis
  8. Facebook award for phishing detection
  9. Guessing the PIN on iPhone 7
  10. G20 attack analysis
  11. Cases of hacking back – analysis
  12. Physical security keys – review
  13. Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenCart
  14. RCE in Symantec Messaging Gateway
  15. Getting car owner’s personal data
  16. $7 RubberDucky
  17. RE of IoT devices
  18. A really clever backdoor hidden in the system management software
  19. Analysis of attacks against Chrome plugins
  20. Chinese DDoS platform analysis
  21. Clever phishing attack on a cryptocurrency exchange customer
  22. RDP service availability analysis
  23. [PDF] Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure vs. Responsible Disclosure
  24. Turning LFI into RFI
  25. Detailed analysis of a malware campaign
  26. System to prevent network censoring
  27. Attacks with PowerPoint files
  28. Bad reviews as a way to combat drug dealers
  29. Attack on the defence industry
  30. Accidental typo to achieve admin access
  31. AES-encrypted phishing website
  32. Attack on an Irish energy distributor
  33. Checking new AD passwords against the leaked ones
  34. Broken attack with Office files
  35. Can you find a million bugs
  36. Malicious document with autoupdate feature
  37. Deobfuscating PHP code step by step
  38. Android adware analysis
  39. iCloud acquisition history
  40. Password managers master passwords follow up
  41. Monitoring with sonar sounds from loudspeakers

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