IT Security Weekend Catch Up – March 18, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. How top ISIS operative slipped through the net
  2. France drops online voting
  3. Child abusers created fake video chat servers
  4. Mafia leader tracked down using his Facebook posts
  5. How Russian intelligence uses cybercriminals
  6. [PDF] 4chan’s influence on internet
  7. Settlement in smart vibrator lawsuit

For the more technical

  1. Analysis of more fileless attacks
  2. New Brian Krebs investigation of credit card data leak
  3. PornHub XSS vulns
  4. A few words about Yahoo attackers
  5. Profile of one of the hackers
  6. Web cache deception attacks
  7. Web scraping – attack and defense
  8. Google fighting with an Android botnet
  9. Erasing data from SSD drives
  10. Hacking web WhatsApp interface with a picture (plus comment by Telegram)
  11. Updated attribution of attacks on Polish banks
  12. RCE in GitHub Enterprise
  13. FireEye 2016 report
  14. US Air Force data leak
  15. Government malware authors dox themselves
  16. Wiretapping encrypted VoIP calls
  17. Diamond Fox stealer analysis
  18. Google Allo reveals your previous searches
  19. Attacks on Israeli Electric Company
  20. Analysis of phising attacks on owners of stolen iPhones
  21. Attacking accelerometers with sound waves
  22. Ransomware used in targeted attacks
  23. Trivial VirtualBox escape
  24. Cryptographic vulnerabilities in some JS libraries
  25. Analysis of tech support scams
  26. Hacking Telegram
  27. Tor websites number declining
  28. [PDF] Attack on SGX enclave
  29. OSINT virtual machine
  30. Malicious VBA code generator
  31. CIA leak comment
  32. Analysis of a ransomware server
  33. Interesting bug bounty with Trello
  34. Recent malwertising/EK campaigns
  35. Analysis of Android malware Ztorg: part 1, part 2
  36. [PDF] Analysis of Potao APT
  37. Ransomware in NSIS installers
  38. Samsung delivery information leak
  39. Incapsula report on DDoS attacks in 2016
  40. Windows UAC bypass

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