IT Security Weekend Catch Up – January 20, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Interesting analysis of belgian terror network
  2. The intersection of cyber and nuclear war
  3. The forgotten prisoner of a spyware deal gone wrong
  4. Clever casino player must return winnings
  5. New leads in DB Cooper case
  6. Cyber cold war

For the more technical

  1. JavaScript ransomware analysis
  2. Are there any Android webinjects?
  3. List of IoT hacks
  4. Where are the large Locky campaigns gone
  5. Threat intelligence resource list
  6. Emoticons that can crash iPhones
  7. Some ancient malware discovered on OS X
  8. Detailed analysis of EyePyramid attacks
  9. A very detailed analysis of a Java RAT campaign
  10. Huawei IP TV hacking
  11. Automated backdooring of hacked webservers
  12. Carbanak using Google services for C&C
  13. Redis hacking
  14. Backdoor collection in vBulletin database
  15. Botnet C&C locations in 2016
  16. Clever malware uses Microsoft tool
  17. Government access requests comparison
  18. Malicious websites with real HTTPS certificates – analysis
  19. Developer added backdoors to websites he built
  20. Default accounts in Meraki equipment
  21. Luminosity RAT C&C infrastructure analysis
  22. Hacking Samsung smartcams
  23. Multiple vulnerabilities in ZyXEL home routers
  24. Trust and security in browsers
  25. Neutrino campaign analysis
  26. [PDF] DMARC whitepaper from CERT-EU
  27. Malicious Andrid app downloaded a million times
  28. LastPass does not encrypt everything?
  29. A very detailed Android ransomware analysis
  30. CVSSv3 comment
  31. WeChat censorship
  32. [PDF] Dovecot audit report (excellent result)
  33. Android malware analysis
  34. Car location monitoring via various service providers
  35. Secrets hidden inside Android apps
  36. Stealing passwords from McDonald’s users
  37. New IoT honeypot
  38. Injecting JavaScript into PDF files
  39. 2016 cyberattacks statistics
  40. Analysis of a phishing campaign
  41. New version of Ragebot
  42. Locky / Kovter campaign analysis
  43. Android debugging via KGDB
  44. Video pirates using Google servers
  45. Confirmation of cyberattack on power distribution network in Ukraine
  46. Clever detection of malicious Android apps
  47. Bypassing CFG in Windows 10
  48. Large Carbanak campaign analysis and detailed report
  49. Keylogger author tracking

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