IT Security Weekend Catch Up – August 5, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Panama’s ex-president was spying on Americans
  2. Hacking computer games to make a living
  3. Story of a Russian spam king
  4. Price analysis of smuggling market
  5. Cellebrite to provide “textalysers” for the police
  6. El Chapo lawyers question his extradition
  7. MalwareTech arrested in US
  8. An Australian bank did not follow AML procedures
  9. Security experts in big demand in China
  10. DDoSer DDosed to remove stories about his DDoses
  11. HBO hacked
  12. Mexican lawyers victims of spying
  13. IoT security legislation prepared in US
  14. How the shape of the new iPhone leaked

For the more technical

  1. DEFCON 25 materials
  2. BlackHat USA 2017 materials
  3. SMBLoris – DoS on SMB
  4. Configuring a Photoshop backdoor
  5. Cryptocoin pump and dump scheme example
  6. Fake hardware tokens concept
  7. Thousands of webcams vulnerable
  8. Signal group chats are less secure
  9. Results of the Google – Symantec conflict over SSL certificates
  10. Steganography in contemporary attacks
  11. A clever way to steal files from OS X
  12. Chrome extensions hijacking attacks
  13. Hacking friend’s accounts step by step
  14. Typosquatting attack on npm
  15. Canadian spies hacked Russian spies
  16. Way to check if the password has been leaked before
  17. SMBLoris working on Linux as well
  18. Analysis of a Chinese APT campaign
  19. [PDF] Detecting IMSI Catchers
  20. Ethereum lost because of lack of quotes
  21. DDoS attacks in Q2 2017
  22. New FIN7 attacks analysis
  23. Vulnerabilities in some car’s modems
  24. How not to react to a vulnerability report
  25. Thousands of system management servers without authorization
  26. Geolocating Twitter users with statistics
  27. Using Amazon EC2 to break passwords
  28. Attack on an FireEye analyst
  29. Attack on Mediatek devices
  30. Mobile ransomware analysis
  31. Multiple vulnerabilities in cable modems
  32. Sandboxing Windows Defender
  33. DigiCert buys Symantec’s certificate business
  34. Windows Defender APT and machine learning
  35. FIRST tool used to analyse Crypt0l0cker
  36. Unusual error in Windows file icon management
  37. XSS to RCE in Electron

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