Dieselgate, but for trains – some heavyweight hardware hacking

[this is an English translation of the original article in Polish, we occasionally publish the best cyber stories from Poland in English]

A train manufactured by a Polish company suddenly broke down during maintenance. The experts were helpless – the train was fine, it just wouldn’t run. In a desperate last gasp, the Dragon Sector team was called in to help, and its members found wonders the train engineers had never dreamed of. Continue reading “Dieselgate, but for trains – some heavyweight hardware hacking”

A History of a Hack

Anakata in the Court Room (source: Aftonbladet)

On 20 May 2013, the trial of Gottfrid Svartholm a.k.a. anakata, co-founder of TPB, commenced in Stockholm. Yet, he was not accused of any copyright infringement but of serious hackings. What he was accused of and how the police picked up his trail?

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