IT Security Weekend Catch Up – November 10, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. NotPetya cost for Merck: $310 million
  2. Kaspersky admits downloading non-executable files
  3. Great data analysis of Russian hacking operations
    1. Huge analysis of how the Russians hacked US elections
    2. US politicians were not the only ones targeted
    3. How was the data analysed
  4. North Korea stole warship designs from South Korea
  5. Story of a perfect Russian Twitter troll
  6. US ship collision caused by UI confusion
  7. Academic approach to darknet drug market analysis
  8. Why Twitter is best for disinformation
  9. How North Korea bought US helicopters
  10. Paradise Papers – huge tax heaven leak
  11. Brokerage accounts hacked for profit
  12. Huge phishing kits analysis
  13. Comodo sold SSL business
  14. Russian GPS jamming
  15. Facebook CSO on revenge porn
  16. Great research on real sources of credential leaks
  17. Mimikatz author story
  18. Story of the man who hunted Russian hackers
  19. Estonia arrested Russian hacker
  20. Thumb unlocking causes unplanned plane landing
  21. Sleeping Twitter accounts activated on the day of US elections
  22. Weapons trading on Telegram
  23. Hostile surveillance
  24. MtGox owner can earn a lot during bankruptcy
  25. Art galleries victims of cybercrime

For the more technical

  1. MySpace and its role in huge ad fraud
  2. Online malware analysis
  3. Configuring simple malware analysis environment
  4. Cleartext passwords stolen from Hetzner South Africa
  5. TorBrowser data leak vulnerability
  6. Typosquatting in email domains
  7. Chinese APT campaign analysis
  8. Posting GIFs as other users on Facebook
  9. WordPress SQLi – description and explanation
  10. Oracle Identity Manager default password
  11. On unlocking iPhones
  12. Analysis of an interesting security incident
  13. Losing and retrieving a few BTC
  14. ROCA attack details
  15. Getting access to Google’s vulnerabilities database
  16. Interesting web app vulnerability
  17. Activity of Iranian APT Greenbug
  18. Analysis of the Morris worm
  19. Strange attacks on darknet drug markets
  20. Reaper botnet analysis
  21. Shop with stolen RDP credentials
  22. Facebook reading suspicious links
  23. MailChimp new policy
  24. Huge phishing kits analysis
  25. APT 29 observations
  26. What to do with a locked iPhone
  27. BadRabbit attack was supposed to hide another campaign
  28. Limiting DDE attacks
  29. Huge BGP incident analysis
  30. Exploiting CVE-2017-5123 (Linux)
  31. Interesting AV vulnerability
  32. Detecting phishing attacks
  33. ChessMaster campaign analysis
  34. Instagram account takeover
  35. Vietnamese APT analysis
  36. 6 Android kernel vulnerabilities
  37. Cyber operations tracker
  38. Q3 spam and phishing
  39. Q3 DDoS attacks
  40. Windigo botnet operator arrested but botnet still grows
  41. Distributed password cracking tool
  42. Palestine APT analysis
  43. Attacks on database-backed applications
  44. Analysis of DDE attacks
  45. Deobfuscating a PHP script
  46. Mobile Pwn2Own results
  47. How much does a cyberattack cost
  48. New WordPress security guide
  49. Sowbug APT analysis
  50. APT28 attack analysis
  51. Data exfiltration via pixels

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