IT Security Weekend Catch Up – May 4, 2019

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program
  2. Wikileaks co-founder jailed over bail breach + more information
  3. Chinese dev jailed and fined for posting DJI’s private keys on GitHub
  4. Man who allegedly leaked CIA hacking tools says he’s been tortured and is owed $50 billion
  5. NSA recommends dropping controversial mass surveillance program, report says
  6. Rape victims among those to be asked to hand phones to police
  7. San Francisco considers banning facial recognition systems
  8. Wife of journalist slain in cartel-linked killing targeted with NSO Group’s spyware
  9. In first, Japan to develop computer virus to defend against cyberattacks
  10. Ransomware hits yet another U.S. airport
  11. Norsk Hydro expects cyber attack costs of up to $52 mln in Q1
  12. Hackers went undetected in Citrix’s internal network for six months
  13. Wipro breach update: Researchers reveal surprising new details
  14. Hackers steal and ransom financial data related to some of the world’s largest companies
  15. ‘Cyber event’ disrupted U.S. grid networks
  16. Hamburglar strikes again, feasts on $2,000 in meals using customer’s McDonald’s app
  17. Fraudster poses as Jason Statham to steal victim’s money
  18. Law enforcement seizes dark web market after moderator leaks backend credentials
  19. Data: E-retail hacks more lucrative than ever
  20. Streaming your own game gets you taken down as a pirate, thanks to NBC
  21. How one country blocks the world on data privacy
  22. How I became nearly untraceable on the web
  23. A programmer solved a 20-year-old, forgotten crypto puzzle

For the more technical

  1. Cisco patches critical vulnerability in data center switches
  2. D-Link camera vulnerability allows attackers to tap into the video stream
  3. Security cameras vulnerable to hijacking
  4. Vodafone found hidden backdoors in Huawei equipment
  5. Vulnerability fixes that make you go
  6. Facebook Messenger server random memory exposure through corrupted GIF image
  7. Exploiting Apache Solr through OpenCMS
  8. Remote code execution on most Dell computers
  9. Extracting ECDSA keys from Qualcomm’s TrustZone (PDF)
  10. Mysterious hacker has been selling Windows 0-days to APT groups for three years
  11. APT trends report Q1 2019
  12. The inception bar: a new phishing method
  13. Tech support scam employs new trick by using iframe to freeze browsers
  14. BadWPAD, DNS suffix and / case
  15. Public 10KBLAZE exploits may impact 90% of SAP production systems
  16. Internet of Planes: Hacking millionaires’ jet cabins
  17. Breaking Widevine content protection (DRM) on streaming websites
  18. Plugins added to malicious campaign
  19. Threat actors abuse GitHub service to host a variety of phishing kits
  20. Spoofing OpenPGP and S/MIME signatures in emails
  21. A mysterious hacker group is on a supply chain hijacking spree
  22. Microsoft Outlook email breach targeted cryptocurrency users
  23. Qakbot levels up with new obfuscation techniques
  24. Buhtrap backdoor and ransomware distributed via major advertising platform
  25. “MegaCortex” ransomware wants to be The One
  26. Sodinokibi ransomware exploits WebLogic Server vulnerability
  27. Zero-day attackers deliver a double dose of ransomware—no clicking required
  28. Port scanning, spoofing & blacklists
  29. Pillaging passwords from service accounts
  30. Forensics: Active Directory ACL investigation
  31. Why you shouldn’t use a password manager for your Linode account
  32. Building a passive IMSI catcher
  33. Android App Reverse Engineering 101
  34. GrapheneOS – an Android-based, security-hardened, open source operating system
  35. ProtonMail now offers elliptic curve cryptography for advanced security and faster speeds
  36. An open source checklist of resources designed to improve your online privacy and security
  37. Learn how identifiable you are on the Internet

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