IT Security Weekend Catch Up – March 5, 2022

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. FBI gains access to Sci-Hub founder’s Google account data
  2. Cybercriminals who breached Nvidia issue one of the most unusual demands ever
  3. Toyota suspends domestic factory operations after suspected cyber attack
  4. Russia or Ukraine: Hacking groups take sides
  5. Conti ransomware group diaries, part I: Evasion
  6. Conti ransomware group diaries, part II: The office
  7. Conti ransomware group diaries, part III: Weaponry

For the more technical

  1. UNC1151/GhostWriter phishing attacks target Ukrainian soldiers
  2. New Linux vulnerability CVE-2022-0492 affecting cgroups: Can containers escape?
  3. Can you get pwned with CSS?
  4. Log4Shell: No mass abuse, but no respite, what happened?
  5. Seeing is living? Rethinking the security of Facial Liveness Verification in the deepfake era (PDF)
  6. Shedding light on Samsung’s TrustZone keymaster design (PDF)
  7. Know your infusion pump vulnerabilities and secure your healthcare organization
  8. TCP middlebox reflection: Coming to a DDoS near you
  9. How a simple security bug became a university campus ‘master key’
  10. JFrog discloses 5 memory corruption vulnerabilities in PJSIP – a popular multimedia library
  11. CERT-EU: Hardening Signal (PDF)
  12. Orbot: open-source Tor-powered VPN for iOS
  13. SMS PVA part 1: Underground service for cybercriminals
  14. SMS PVA part 2: Underground service for cybercriminals
  15. SMS PVA part 3: Countries most impacted by service
  16. TeaBot is now spreading across the globe
  17. Daxin: Stealthy backdoor designed for attacks against hardened networks
  18. Cyber threat activity in Ukraine: analysis and resources
  19. DanaBot launches DDoS attack against the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense
  20. IsaacWiper and HermeticWizard: New wiper and worm targeting Ukraine
  21. HermeticWiper: A detailed analysis of the destructive malware that targeted Ukraine
  22. Elections GoRansom – a smoke screen for the HermeticWiper attack
  23. Free decryptor for HermeticRansom ransomware
  24. Telegram malware spotted in latest Iranian cyber espionage activity
  25. RuRAT used in spear-phishing attacks against media organisations in United States
  26. Conti ransomware source code leaked by Ukrainian researcher
  27. Threat landscape for industrial automation systems. Statistics for H2 2021

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