IT Security Weekend Catch Up – June 28, 2020

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. OUCH! Newsletter: Creating a cyber secure home (PDF)
  2. Comcast, Mozilla strike privacy deal to encrypt DNS lookups in Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge is stealing Chrome users’ data? I asked Microsoft if it’s true
  4. The secret fight for your personal information
  5. Republicans push bill requiring tech companies to help access encrypted data
  6. The Senate’s new anti-encryption bill is even worse than EARN IT, and that’s saying something
  7. WhatsApp, Signal privacy at risk from new anti-encryption bill
  8. Lawmakers propose indefinite nationwide ban on police use of facial recognition
  9. Wrongfully arrested because face recognition can’t tell black people apart
  10. ‘BlueLeaks’ exposes files from hundreds of police departments
  11. Twitter bans DDoSecrets account over ‘BlueLeaks’ police data dump
  12. Washington man sentenced for role in developing “Mirai” successor botnets
  13. Russian national sentenced to prison for operating websites devoted to fraud and malicious cyber activities
  14. WikiLeaks founder charged in superseding indictment (PDF)

For the more technical

  1. Google Chrome fuzzing conclusion
  2. Web skimming with Google Analytics
  3. Attacking the Golden Ring on AMD Mini-PC
  4. Exploiting Bitdefender antivirus: RCE from any website
  5. Using global honeypot networks to detect targeted ICS attacks (PDF)
  6. Office 365 phishing campaign exploits Samsung, Adobe and Oxford servers
  7. Rovnix bootkit back in business
  8. Magnitude exploit kit – evolution
  9. WastedLocker: A new ransomware variant developed by the Evil Corp group
  10. WastedLocker: Symantec identifies wave of attacks against U.S. organizations
  11. Maersk, me & notPetya
  12. LG Electronics allegedly hit by Maze ransomware attack
  13. Sodinokibi: Ransomware attackers also scanning for PoS software, leveraging Cobalt Strike
  14. AcidBox: Rare malware repurposing Turla group exploit targeted Russian organizations
  15. The Golden Tax Department and the emergence of GoldenSpy malware
  16. Lucifer: New cryptojacking and DDoS hybrid malware exploiting high and critical vulnerabilities to infect Windows devices
  17. CryptoCore: A threat actor targeting cryptocurrency exchanges (PDF)
  18. Attackers cryptojacking Docker images to mine for Monero
  19. HiddenAds up to no good again and spreading via Android gaming apps
  20. Largest ever recorded packet per second-based DDoS attack
  21. Fxmsp: “The invisible god of networks”
  22. Moroccan journalist targeted with network injection attacks using NSO Group’s tools
  23. Hacking Starbucks and accessing nearly 100 million customer records
  24. Weak bits floppy disc protection: an alternate origins story on 8-bit
  25. Announcing the PlayStation Bug Bounty Program

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