IT Security Weekend Catch Up – June 25, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. How Hollywood got hacked
  2. How Ukraine energy  network got hacked
  3. Proposed amendments to ePrivacy Regulation
  4. US Election hackers altered voter rolls
  5. China’s HUMINT operations against USA
  6. Long report on situation inside Russia
  7. Google Project Zero story
  8. [PDF] Remote attacks on cryptographic secrets
  9. Fake shops help pay for gambling
  10. Why so many top hackers hail from Russia
  11. WannaCry still alive, attacking traffic cameras in Australia and a Honda factory
  12. [PDF] Analysis of nuclear bomb material based on stock prices
  13. Crime stories from the porn industry
  14. Fired employee shut down smart water readers
  15. Drone-assisted jail contraband
  16. 198 million voter records exposed
  17. Mexico spying on activists

For the more technical

  1. SSL implementation review in Polish banks
  2. Windows Kernel Exploitation – stealing the Access Token
  3. Pwnie nominations are still open
  4. Stack Clash
  5. Practical waterholing through DNS typosquatting
  6. Partial leak of Windows 10 source code
  7. Spoilerwall to stop portscanning
  8. Weak passwords in Virgin Media routers
  9. BlackTech APT analysis
  10. AWS Yahoo key leak
  11. Authentication bypass on Airbnb via OAuth tokens theft
  12. Linksys advises how to protect routers against CIA hacks
  13. New SamSam ransomware variant
  14. 404 pages drop Ramnit
  16. macOS backdoor from OceanLotus
  17. JSON hijacking for the modern web
  18. Microsoft comments on Fireball infection numbers
  19. OSINT-based criminal infrastructure correlation
  20. Weak npm repos passwords
  21. Data collected on Microsoft devices plus second part
  22. CIA attacks on USB
  23. Rig EK activity analysis
  24. [PDF] Password reset MiTM attack
  25. [PDF] Creating a ZigBee chain reaction
  26. CVE-2016-0040 analysis (Windows)
  27. Detecting malware in encrypted traffic
  28. Ads injected into vulnerable WordPress theme
  29. AdGholas campaign and Astrum Exploit Kit
  30. RCE in OpenVPN
  31. SMS trojan on Android platform
  32. Security tests of Philips Hue lightbulbs
  33. [PDF] POS malware analysis
  34. [PDF] How malware evades detection
  35. UDP spoofing tests
  36. Long article on SMB2 and SMB3 security in Windows
  37. Collecting form data before the user hits “send”
  38. Russian DNS zone leak
  39. Erebus ransomware analysis
  40. Did Qualys build a new Project Zero?
  41. Locked Shields – largest security game
  42. CVE-2017-9466 analysis (TP Link)
  43. Horcrux – password manager for paranoids
  44. Story of the huge Ethereum heist
  45. Travel laptop security
  46. Malicious PHP module
  47. [PDF] PoC||GTFO 0x15
  48. [PDF] Bug hunting in IoT
  49. Private key leaked from Cisco
  50. Delphi malware attacking Palestine
  51. New Necurs + Locky campaign
  52. ModSecurity fuzzing
  53. Fake DDoS extortions continue
  54. You can run ransomware on Windows 10 S

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