IT Security Weekend Catch Up – June 11, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Russian election hacking playbook
  2. Russian strategy analysis
  3. How does Russia use its hackers
  4. EU wants to grab data from US companies
  5. Apple employees sold customer data in China
  6. Scamming the scammers
  7. Many mistakes committed by the NSA leaker
  8. Opinion on the NSA leak
  9. Russia plan banning VPNs
  10. Qatar news agency hacked
  11. Qatar incident analysis
  12. Russia suspected in Qatar incident
  13. Russian crime syndicate members arrested in the US
  14. Japanese intelligence operations in China
  15. British intelligence failures
  16. FitBit data as an alibi
  17. Stories from sea smugglers

For the more technical

  1. Windows Kernel Exploitation – part 2
  2. Security Fest conference recordings
  3. Threat report for Western Europe
  4. How are the Dutch spying on cybercriminals
  5. Very detailed CIA malware analysis
  6. [PDF] VoLTE network attacks
  7. Description of the new PPSX file attack
  8. LatentBot analysis
  9. Math formula error caused overcharging
  10. Pulling info on Facebook ad campaigns from other accounts
  11. Trojan horse blocks AV via certificates
  12. Android malware with code injection
  13. WiMAX routers default passwords
  14. [PDF] Foscam cameras vulnerabilities
  15. Malware analysis lab configuration
  16. A very unusual malware communication mechanism
  17. Car hacking – introduction
  18. Malicious drive-by Android attacks
  19. Hacking Mazda via USB
  20. NGFW test results
  21. NSA leak analysis
  22. Scannerl – large scale fingerprinting
  23. APT19 campaign analysis
  24. Loki campaign analysis
  25. Malware downloading command from Britney Spears’ Instagram
  26. Hacking a Yahoo acquisition
  27. AppStore fraud examples
  28. RCE in Symantec Messaging Gateway
  29. French police seizes Tor servers
  30. Analysis of vulnerability disclosure delay
  31. Taking over Twitter accounts
  32. [PDF] Ultrasonic privacy threats
  33. Building a Twitter botnet
  34. Huge Rig Exploit Kit takedown
  35. CVE-2015-6086 analysis (IE)
  36. Hacking a Subaru
  37. Microsoft Word Intruder adding CVE-2017-0199
  38. From XSS to RCE
  39. Simple RCE on a Yahoo server
  40. Taking over domain extensions
  41. Tor honeypot history
  42. SecureLogin – new authentication protocol
  43. Analysis of a simple targeted attack
  44. Malware authors fails
  45. Capture The Flag with Google
  46. QR codes used in attacks in China
  47. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager vulnerability
  48. Spam bot failure results
  49. Detecting Stingrays
  50. New Android Security program awards
  51. How Nagra is fighting with pirate streaming
  52. CVE-2017-0199 analysis (Word)
  53. Pwnies nominations are open
  54. Following the money in a DDoS for hire service
  55. [PDF] ETERNALBLUE analysis
  56. [PDF] Data transfer via router lights

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