IT Security Weekend Catch Up – July 24, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Story of a professional book thief
  2. How a fictional agency received military equipment worth  a million dollars
  3. Working at a numbers station
  4. How Moscow protects itself from cyberattacks
  5. How US tried to defend the elections
  6. Creating a spy’s cover
  7. UAE behind Qatar attacks
  8. Losing money because of password reuse

For the more technical

  1. [VIDEO] John Salomon from FS-ISAC about cooperation in financial sector
  2. RECON 2017 slides
  3. Cyber Threat Intelligence reading list
  4. Patching SambaCry by exploiting it
  5. RFID fuzzer
  6. WannaCry and NotPetya comparison
  7. Hash Buster to do online hash lookups
  8. Windows Defender new features
  9. Ethereum multi-sig wallet hack
  10. Millions of cameras vulnerable
  11. Paypal server RCE
  12. Outlook rules as backdoor
  13. NTLM hash leaks
  14. Rurktar – spyware under development
  15. Mass LinkedIn data download
  16. Malware campaign analysis
  17. EternalBlue vulnerability stats
  18. Thermostat vulnerability and attack example
  19. Symantec revoked the certificate based on fake private key plus Symantec’s response
  20. EnglishmansDentist analysis
  21. [PDF] Midyear Cisco Cybersecurity Report
  22. [PDF] Darktrace network anomaly report
  23. Stantinko – huge malware campaign
  24. RCE in Valve games
  25. Estimating vulnerability rediscovery
  26. Extracting WhatsApp messages from iCloud backups
  27. Darkweb gun trade
  28. Boss detection system
  29. First Czech radiotelephone network
  30. Many critical update from Apple
  31. New edition of CIA leaks
  32. Audit results for Firefox Accounts
  33. Real world attack with Rubber Ducky
  34. WSJ paywall bypass
  35. Backdoor hidden in a JPG file
  36. VMWare attack analysis
  37. CoinDash ICO attack
  38. MySpace account takeover
  39. Apache fuzzing
  40. How was Zcash created
  41. domains takeover
  42. Twitter botnet analysis
  43. Android backdoor / RAT
  44. Vulnerable Memcached servers availability analysis
  45. Google improves warnings
  46. Dark Hotel campaign analysis
  47. Hoverboards vulnerabilities
  48. Tor Project’s bug bounty
  49. Android AV limitations
  50. PS4 SDK leak
  51. Ransomware anatomy

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