IT Security Weekend Catch Up – July 22, 2018

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. How Israel, in dark of night, torched its way to Iran’s nuclear secrets
  2. How Russian spies hid behind bitcoin in hacking campaign
  3. Mueller finally solves mysteries about Russia’s ‘Fancy Bear’ hackers
  4. Chinese hackers targeted Internet-of-Things during Trump-Putin summit
  5. Microsoft reveals first known midterm campaign hacking attempts
  6. Business E-mail Compromise the 12 billion dollar scam
  7. The SIM hijackers
  8. Leaked documents show Facebook’s ‘threshold’ for deleting pages and groups
  9. A statistical analysis of WikiLeaks publications
  10. ‘LuminosityLink RAT’ author pleads guilty
  11. Two years on, alleged KAT founder continues to fight extradition
  12. BTC-e operator, accused of laundering $4 billion, to be extradited to France
  13. Irish ‘dark web’ suspect is extradited to the US to face charges
  14. A ‘Game of Thrones’ thief and a dam hacker: These are the FBI’s 41 most-wanted cyber criminals
  15. How a sneaky furniture expert ripped off the rich and tricked Versailles

For the more technical

  1. Telefonica breach exposes personal data of ‘millions’ of customers
  2. Hackers breach Russian bank and steal $1 million due to outdated router
  3. How credit card thieves use free-to-play apps to launder their ill-gotten gains
  4. A deep dive down the Vermin RAThole
  5. New Andariel reconnaissance tactics hint at next targets
  6. Blackgear cyberespionage campaign resurfaces, abuses social media for C&C communication
  7. Anatomy of a spammy campaign
  8. New Mirai and Gafgyt IoT/Linux botnet campaigns
  9. GandCrab ransomware version 4.0/4.1
  10. Reverse engineering some JavaScript malware
  11. Analysis of Emotet malware
  12. Malware team up: malspam pushing Emotet + Trickbot
  13. July 2018 Critical Patch Update released
  14. Weblogic exploit code made public
  15. SSRF inside Google production network
  16. Analysis of the DHCP client script code execution vulnerability
  17. Researchers mount successful GPS spoofing attack against road navigation systems (PDF)
  18. Foxit PDF Reader JavaScript remote code execution vulns
  19. Intel patches new ME vulnerabilities
  20. Unpatched remote code execution in Reprise License Manager
  21. Microsoft launches Identity Bounty program
  22. Low-overhead defense against Spectre attacks via binary analysis (PDF)
  23. LKRG 0.3 available for download
  24. Almost booting an iOS kernel in QEMU
  25. [VIDEO] CONFidence 2018: Hunting for the secrets in a cloud forest
  26. Hunting for secrets with the DumpsterDiver
  27. Exploit and post-exploit protection test (PDF)
  28. Exploiting a Windows 10 PagedPool off-by-one overflow (WCTF 2018)
  29. Write-up by LOL developer on some low-level techniques to battle cheat development
  30. Droppers is how Android malware keeps sneaking into the Play store

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