IT Security Weekend Catch Up – January 29, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. NeverQuest author arrested in Spain
  2. LeakedSource apprently raided plus comment from Troy Hunt
  3. Mexico’s Twitter wars
  4. Kaspersky Lab’s investigator arrested
  5. Trump’s Twitter account configuration mistakes
  6. KGB recriutment attempt story
  7. UK TV station hacked by Russians
  8. Analysis of Brussel terrorists’s laptop
  9. Ransomware turned off police cameras in DC

For the more technical

  1. Reading internal Uber emails
  2. Symantec issuing unauhorized SSL certificates again
  3. Big change for Tor hidden services
  4. Twitter botnet story
  5. Theoreticall WhatsApp account takeover scenario
  6. “Internet Health” report from Mozilla
  7. Router botnet analysis
  8. GitHub’s CSP policy explained
  9. Lavabit is back with DIME protocol
  10. Darkweb drug bazaar Hansa Marketplace statistics
  11. How Telegram obfuscates its traffic
  12. BGP hijacking – detailed description
  13. A look inside Elcomsoft’s forensic lab
  14. Android trojan horse downloads legitimate apps
  15. New botnet – Ghost Admin
  16. Review of new phishing scenarios
  17. Detailed Zbot campaign analysis
  18. RAT campaigns and operators
  19. Analysis of an advanced Android malware sample plus part 2
  20. Crashplan / Uber bug bounty
  21. Another WebEx plugin bug plus Cisco advisory
  22. iPhone vs forensic investigation
  23. Siphoning data from restricted networks
  24. Latests Joomla vulnerabilities analysis
  25. Hardening KVM hypervisor by Google
  26. Big success with ePub exploitation
  27. Attacking JavaScript engines
  28. 223 (!) vulnerabilities in TrendMicro products
  29. Harmful prefetch on Intel
  30. Complex attack on a PHP app
  31. [PDF] Android VPN apps analysis
  32. How Google fights bad ads
  33. Shimmers, skimmers replacement
  34. VirtualBox priviledge escallation
  35. Analyzing maiclious Office files
  36. Dridex returns
  37. Slow bruteforce attac analysis
  38. Trolling a Windows support scammer
  39. Malicious SVG files
  40. Reputation service for criminals
  41. Android ransomware analysis
  42. Interview with Slack’s CISO
  43. Hijacking voice-controlled smart devices
  44. Scammers say they cheated Uber
  45. Greenburg threat related to Shamoon attacks
  46. Reverse engineering TP-Link HS110
  47. Reverse engineering Cisco Meraki
  48. WAP message processing vulnerabilities in Samsung
  49. HummingBad Android malware returns
  50. Bypassing CFG in Windows 10
  51. AndroRAT evolution
  52. Hackign AXIS 206 cam
  53. Spora ransomware infection analysis
  54. Fake VM as malware protection
  55. Some malicious apps in Android store
  56. Cracking Android screen lock pattern
  57. Removing any video from Facebook
  58. Exploit kits in 2016 – analysis
  59. RCE in WD My Cloud
  60. Hacking DJI Phantom 3
  61. Who tracks you on Android
  62. Attack detection with Windows Defender APT
  63. NATO targetted attack analysis

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