IT Security Weekend Catch Up – January 16, 2022

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Google and Facebook fined $240 million for making cookies hard to refuse
  2. Google releases “disable 2g” feature for new Android smartphones
  3. Some European carriers are already blocking Apple’s Private Relay feature on the iPhone
  4. Signal’s cryptocurrency feature has gone worldwide
  5. Third-party software for Teslas can be hacked, german teen says
  6. How AI could prevent the development of new illicit drugs
  7. EDPS orders Europol to erase data concerning individuals with no established link to a criminal activity
  8. Russia detains REvil ransomware hackers after notification from US
  9. Literary mystery may finally be solved as man arrested for allegedly stealing unpublished books
  10. UniCC – the largest dark web vendor of stolen credit cards – retires after raking in $358 million in crypto

For the more technical

  1. Microsoft Patch Tuesday – January 2022
  2. Wormable Windows HTTP hole – what you need to know
  3. CVE-2021-20038: Technical analysis
  4. NetUSB RCE flaw in millions of end user routers
  5. Signed kernel drivers – Unguarded gateway to Windows’ core
  6. Linux full-disk encryption bug fixed
  7. Analyzing an old bug and discovering CVE-2021-30995
  8. WordPress core vulnerabilities hits millions of sites
  9. Exploiting URL parsing confusion
  10. Dev corrupts NPM libs ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ breaking thousands of apps
  11. New SysJoker backdoor targets Windows, Linux, and macOS
  12. Ransomware actor may have leaked their previous victims
  13. Project Torogoz: Extensive hacking of media & civil society in El Salvador with Pegasus spyware
  14. Understanding and mitigating Russian state-sponsored cyber threats to U.S. critical infrastructure
  15. Destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations
  16. New Konni campaign kicks off the new year by targeting Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  17. North Korean hackers have prolific year as their unlaundered cryptocurrency holdings reach all-time high
  18. The BlueNoroff cryptocurrency hunt is still on

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