IT Security Weekend Catch Up – February 13, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. How Russians outsmarted slot machines 
  2. Fascinating story about an exploit broker
  3. Story about spies and exploits
  4. Russia suspected of hacking Italian foreign ministry
  5. Attacks on soda tax opponents in Mexico
  6. Story of a German KGB spy
  7. Alleged Russian hacker arrested in US
  8. Russian cyberexperts stop talking to foreigners
  9. How ISIS recruits and guides its terrorists

For the more technical

  1. Guide to malware analysis
  2. Google AI depixelating images
  3. How to break 30% of passwords in second
  4. SANS hack challenge and solution
  5. New Cryptolocker campaign analysis
  6. [PDF] Analysis of the latest Shamoon
  7. Shamoon analysis
  8. Youbikey with SSH and GPG configuration
  9. Reverse engineering a mobile VPN
  10. [PDF] Detailed report on APT28 and APT29 attacks in USA
  11. MS Office loader analysis
  12. StegBaus loader analysis
  13. Building a WordPress exploit
  14. Windows environment for exploit development
  15. Data security at border crossing
  16. WordPress attackers attempting RCE
  17. New malware from Shell Crew
  18. Exploring darknet markets
  19. [PDF] Wire communicator audit
  20. Ticketbleed error and the history of discovery
  21. OnePlus bootloader hacking
  22. [PDF] How AV products intercept SSL
  23. Nice XSS on AirBnB
  24. Autofill attacks possibilities
  25. Fileless attacks on companies around the world
  26. Attacks delivered via PUB file
  27. Ongoing NSA problems with data leaks
  28. Taking over links tweeted by others
  29. OGNL Injection in Apache Struts
  30. Visio TVs tracked user behaviour without consent
  31. Necurs botnet analysis
  32. Pulling data from Garmin watch
  33. Lurk group history
  34. Password managers security analysis
  35. Denuvo server leak
  36. Preparing a VM for malware analysis
  37. Spambot analysis
  38. Pastebin full of malware
  39. Unauthorised access to 150k printers
  40. WiFi network security according to Google
  41. Sage ransomware campaign analysis
  42. OpenBSD http DoS
  43. MiTM on popular IOS apps
  44. TV searched because of child pornography charges
  45. AthenaGO RAT analysis
  46. Recovering deleted Safari browsing history
  47. Uber subdomain takeover

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