IT Security Weekend Catch Up – August 12, 2022

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Reported explosion at Google data center may have caused outage
  2. Meet the team responsible for hacking Google
  3. Pegasus screenshots depict NSO Group’s spyware capabilities
  4. Twilio: Employee and customer account compromise
  5. Cloudflare: The mechanics of a sophisticated phishing scam and how we stopped it
  6. 7-Eleven Denmark confirms ransomware attack behind store closures
  7. Scammers in Paris
  8. Darknet cartel associated marketplaces
  9. An epic bank scandal in China adds to social tensions over finance
  10. Bots breaking bad: Stolen pharmacy accounts up for sale

For the more technical

  1. Microsoft August 2022 Patch Tuesday
  2. Cisco releases advisories for bug affecting more than 1 million security devices
  3. Dancing on the architecture of VMware Workspace ONE Access
  4. Mass exploitation of (un)authenticated Zimbra RCE: CVE-2022-27925
  5. ÆPIC Leak: Architecturally leaking uninitialized data from the microarchitecture
  6. The hacking of Starlink terminals has begun
  7. CloudGuard Spectral detects several malicious packages on PyPI – the official software repository for Python developers
  8. PyPI package ‘secretslib’ drops fileless Linux malware to mine Monero
  9. Abusing Google Sites and Microsoft Azure for crypto phishing
  10. LogoKit update – The phishing kit leveraging Open Redirect vulnerabilities
  11. Sending spammers to Password Purgatory with Microsoft Power Automate and Cloudflare Workers KV
  12. Gwisin ransomware targeting Korean companies + more information
  13. Andariel deploys DTrack and Maui ransomware
  14. Zeppelin ransomware may encrypt devices multiple times in attacks
  15. Lockbit, Hive, and BlackCat attack automotive supplier in triple ransomware attack
  16. Novel news on Cuba ransomware: Greetings from Tropical Scorpius
  17. “BazarCall” advisory: Essential guide to attack vector that revolutionized data breaches
  18. Cisco Talos shares insights related to recent cyber attack on Cisco
  19. So RapperBot, what ya bruting for?
  20. Likely Iranian threat actor conducts politically motivated disruptive activity against Albanian government organizations
  21. Targeted attack on industrial enterprises and public institutions

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