IT Security Weekend Catch Up – August 1, 2021

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Estonia arrests hacker who stole 286K ID scans from govt database
  2. The last refuge of the criminal: Encrypted smartphones
  3. Global phone hacks expose darker side of Israel’s ‘startup nation’ image
  4. Biden orders CISA and NIST to develop cybersecurity performance goals for critical infrastructure
  5. Dahua, Hikvision out of security camera industry group
  6. The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot
  7. Russian cops arrest journalist who exposed spies involved in MH-17 downing

For the more technical

  1. Top routinely exploited vulnerabilities
  2. Windows “PetitPotam” network attack
  3. Researchers warn of unpatched Kaseya Unitrends backup vulnerabilities
  4. You should turn off autofill in your password manager
  5. Some URL shortener services distribute Android malware, including banking or SMS trojans
  6. Vultur, with a V for VNC
  7. Malicious content delivered through
  8. Malware increasingly targets Discord for abuse
  9. New attacks on Kubernetes via misconfigured Argo Workflows
  10. From stolen laptop to inside the company network
  11. Quick analysis of Haron Ransomware (feat. Avaddon and Thanos)
  12. BlackMatter ransomware emerges as successor to DarkSide, REvil
  13. DoppelPaymer continues to cause Grief through rebranding
  14. Unhacked: 121 tools against ransomware on a single website
  15. Babuk: Biting off more than they could chew by aiming to encrypt VM and *nix systems?
  16. When coin miners evolve, Part 1: Exposing LemonDuck and LemonCat, modern mining malware infrastructure
  17. When coin miners evolve, Part 2: Hunting down LemonDuck and LemonCat attacks
  18. MeteorExpress: Mysterious wiper paralyzes Iranian trains with epic troll
  19. APT trends report Q2 2021
  20. Infrastructure patterns lead to more than 30 active APT29 C2 servers
  21. TA456 targets defense contractor with alluring social media persona
  22. THOR: Previously unseen PlugX variant deployed during Microsoft Exchange server attacks by PKPLUG group
  23. Praying Mantis: An advanced memory-resident attack
  24. Kaspersky: DDoS attacks in Q2 2021
  25. Cloudflare: DDoS attack trends for 2021 Q2
  26. A controversial tool calls out thousands of hackable websites
  27. Here’s what that Google Drive “security update” message means

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