IT Security Weekend Catch Up – April 15, 2017

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Russian spammer arrested in Spain
  2. Krebs on spammer’s arrest
  3. Why certificates don’s matter in security
  4. Ad (ab)using Google Assistant and bypassing Google’s reaction
  5. Swatting ends bad for the victim
  6. Famous car hacker about security problems
  7. Ex-employee changed room prices
  8. Behind the scenes of Sinaloa cartel
  9. AlphaBay darknet market success story
  10. How FBI tracked TRiCK from Team Poison
  11. How was Trumps’ dossier compiled

For the more technical

  1. HITB2017 materials
  2. Evilginx – advanced phishing tool
  3. [PDF] Thomas Rid’s Congress testimony on Russian influence on US election
  4. [PDF] Disrupting AV solutions with AV signatures
  5. Kaspersky on Lazarus group
  6. OBD-II dongle attack
  7. RCE in Linux kernel via UDP
  8. MS Office 0day (CVE-2017-0199):
    1. [PDF] NCC  group analysis
    2. Usage in different campaigns
    3. Dridex campaign
    4. Reported to Microsoft in October
    5. Analysis of attack method
  9. Kelihos botnet takedown report
  10. Kelihos author used his botnet as a private proxy server
  11. Short Kelihos analysis
  12. Gmail email address enumeration
  13. Hacking smartphones via WiFi part 1, part 2
  14. IKEA approach to IOT security
  15. The Lamberts APT analysis
  16. CSRF in Dropbox + Facebook
  17. Uniscribe Fuzzing
  18. Cuckoo Sandbox 2.0
  19. Analysis of log fabrication
  20. PoC for CVE-2017-3881 (RCE in Cisco switches)
  21. A Red Teamer’s guide to pivoting
  22. [PDF] IPv6 tunnels in data exfiltration
  23. Analysis of the alleged Apple customers data leak
  24. [PDF] APT10 activity report + second report + a third one
  25. [PDF] Callisto APT activity report
  26. Latest Shadowbrokers leak
  27. Second, far more important Shadowbrokers leak
    1. Preliminary content analysis
    2. Deeper analysis
    3. Exploit list was published 3 months ago
    4. Process names are googlable
    5. Dump of all the files
    6. lcamtuf’s comment
    7. Microsoft’s answer (everything patched)
  28. users queries leak
  29. Distributed attack on WordPress passwords
  30. Anomalous keys in Tor relays
  31. Moonsoon APT backdoor analysis: part 1, part 2
  32. Xen hypervisor attack
  33. QNAP QTS vulnerabilities
  34. Techniques used by Lazarus group
  35. Hacking my own Reddit password
  36. Finding potential vulnerabilities in FreeBSD code
  37. QUIC protocol vulnerability
  38. [PDF] Detecting emulation of malware environment
  39. Brickerbot bricks IOT devices
  40. New IOT botnet
  41. Struts2 exploit leads to DDoS and ransomware
  42. Diamond Fox bot analysis
  43. Hacking a TV set with a remote
  44. Creating dangerous shortcuts
  45. Middle East targeted campaign
  46. Microsoft Safe Link bypass
  47. APT29 backdoor analysis
  48. ROKRAT trojan horse analysis
  49. Hijacking bank’s operations
  50. Xen guest-to-host
  51. How fast a password can be cracked
  52. Taking over LinkedIn accounts via unused email addresses
  53. Analysis of Chrysaor malware for Android + second analysis
  54. Managing F-35 requires lower level of security in IE
  55. Hacking ATMs via a small hole and serial port
  56. Computer burglars with 20 years of history
  57. How is Azerbaijan censoring the internet
  58. RCE in AlienVault OSSIM / USM
  59. Iranian attacks on Israeli websites
  60. Airbnb vulnerability
  61. Malicious Office files with OLE objects

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