IT Security Weekend Catch Up – July 31, 2020

Afraid of missing important security news during the week? We’re here to help! Every week we put together a curated list of all important security news in one place, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

For the less technical

  1. Thinking of a cybersecurity career? Read this
  2. Smartphone usage patterns can reveal your personality type
  3. How one company collected browsing data via Android apps
  4. AI system detects posts by foreign ‘trolls’ on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Russia-aligned hackers running anti-Nato fake news campaign
  6. Snowden: The age of mass surveillance will not last forever
  7. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ‘can’t guarantee’ policy against using seller specific data hasn’t been violated
  8. Tech unicorn Dave admits to security breach impacting 7.5 million users
  9. Cosmetics giant Avon leaks 19 million records
  10. Twitter’s security woes included broad access to user accounts
  11. How did the Casio F91W become a terrorist icon?
  12. The cold war bunker that became home to a dark-web empire
  13. Offensive OSINT – Human trafficking investigation
  14. German police can access any WhatsApp message without any malware
  15. IBM Report: Compromised employee accounts led to most expensive data breaches over past year
  16. A massive leak of Nintendo source code is causing chaos in video games
  17. Twitter: An update on our security incident

For the more technical

  1. Detection deficit: A year in review of 0-days used in-the-wild in 2019
  2. Exploiting popular macOS apps with a single “.terminal” file
  3. CVE-2020-13777 GnuTLS audit: be scared
  4. Potential legacy risk from malware targeting QNAP NAS devices (PDF)
  5. VPN security flaws pose cyber risk to organizations with remote OT personnel
  6. Zoom Security Exploit – Cracking private meeting passwords
  7. Tor 0day: Stopping Tor connections
  8. Tor 0day: Burning bridges
  9. There’s a hole in the boot
  10. Critical arbitrary file upload vulnerability patched in wpDiscuz plugin
  11. Watch your containers: Doki infecting Docker servers in the cloud
  12. Vulnerabilities found on popular OkCupid dating app
  13. Threat report Q2 2020 by ESET (PDF)
  14. APT trends report Q2 2020 by Kaspersky
  15. The hacker infrastructure and underground hosting
  16. Operation North Star a job offer that’s too good to be true?
  17. Lazarus on the hunt for big game
  18. Chinese state-sponsored group ‘RedDelta’ targets the Vatican and catholic organizations
  19. Russia’s GRU hackers hit US government and energy targets
  20. Iran group claim attacks on 28 Israeli railway stations
  21. Hacker leaks 386 million user records from 18 companies for free
  22. A vigilante is sabotaging the Emotet botnet by replacing malware payloads with GIFs
  23. Emotet malware now steals your email attachments to attack contacts
  24. Anchor_dns malware goes cross platform
  25. Cerberus Android malware source code offered for sale for $100,000
  26. ChartreuseBlur: Bringing blur apps into focus
  27. Abnormal attack stories: Sharepoint attacks
  28. Threat actors bypass gateways with Google Ad redirects
  29. The rise of synthetic audio deepfakes
  30. Malware Reverse Engineering Handbook (PDF)
  31. Bcrypt password cracking extremely slow? Not if you are using hundreds of FPGAs!
  32. Cracking the uncrackable: Cybercriminals deploy EMV-bypass cloning

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